Women Connected creates purposeful theatrical performances through the eyes of many women in a multicultural city like Rotterdam.

We have an artistic goal with a social working method. We are culturally diverse and inclusive.

Women Connected is the largest performance arts network for women in Rotterdam. We come from all over the world. In Rotterdam we are connected with each other, we share our stories and we perform at the theatre.

We believe in a more beautiful society in which women of all cultures, generations and backgrounds are empowered with equal opportunities to grow and to contribute.


From a life behind the scenes to a starring role on stage.

Women Connected offers women of all cultures, generations and backgrounds the opportunity to grow and to contribute, as well as to inspire and to motivate other women by sharing their own story.

Together we create theatrical performances about life, love, fears and desires that touch and connect. Unique and universal.

Women Connected trains women and gives them confidence to pass on. We develop new genres and methodologies, enabling us to work with large groups of women in different locations and to create high-quality productions for a broad cultural audience. We share our knowledge and expertise with partners and colleagues, nationally and internationally.

This way we ensure that more and more women are developing. They not only strengthen themselves and each other, but also future generations: the children of our society.


“Don’t just sit around the house. Do something, anything, it doesn’t matter what it is. And first of all: learn the language. Every day when I wake up I’m so happy to be alive and that I have my children. I am happy with each new day.”

– Chahrazad


“It is my dream to touch even more people through the theatre. I don’t always have the energy but this is helping me grow.”

– Jojanneke


“This is my place to grow and be myself. It’s a new world for me, where I can relate to others and learn from them.”

– Monniek


“This is my home, a safe place where I’m not judged, and where I get a kick in the pants. It feels like I have a lot of mothers here. I learn from their advice and how I can contribute as a woman. I feel protected here.”

– Amanda


“I feel so good and happy here, it’s one big family!”

– Nicolette


“Women Connected has become my family. Such a strong connection means a lot to me. The atmosphere is wonderful, I come back from Surinam early just to be here for Women’s Day.”

– Jacqueline


“Women Connected is my form of social control. There’s a challenge in coming here, something inside of me pushes me to go. Being here gives me peace of mind because I can speak freely. We are not just friends, not just family but something beyond that.”

– Aida


“I can feel myself here, with the passion and the love. I love the power of women, I am a bundle of light for all women. This is my home, I feel blessed here.

– Adriana


“You can talk about yourself here, cry about yourself, you can re-enact your previous experiences. I want to learn here and gain more experience.”

– Sara


“This is my family and it energizes me. And I like to return that energy to the group. I feel the love, I feel worthwhile and accepted here. I am married to all of you!”

– Lucy


“I feel so good among the women of Women Connected. I am not alone anymore!”

– Lidia


“Women Connected makes me feel empowered, both in the group as well as in the rest of my life.  Every woman from Rotterdam should come here sometime and participate in order to flourish.”

– Sharita


To me, Women Connected is a beautiful and friendly group. In short, I love all of you! I dance, I act and among all these women I feel extremely happy.”

– Shamin


Are you joining us?

We call on every world woman to join us. Whether you have a job or not, whether you have children or not, whether you speak Dutch or not. Come with your girlfriends, colleagues, sisters, mothers, aunts or the neighbour … We are one!

Every 7th of the month we organise a public rehearsal at Theater Rotterdam among others. In addition, we work with different women groups throughout the city on a weekly basis.


Stille Heldinnen Disco

In 2016 Women Connected started making the Silent Heroine Disco. Every Silent Heroine Disco is a unique experience with new women rising up and getting on stage with their own story. The Silent Heroine Disco went to Gothenburg in Sweden and to Glasgow in Scotland, among others. Last season we stood with 1,000 women at the main stage of Theater Rotterdam to celebrate 100 years of women’s suffrage.


Doe De Dance-oké 

(Do the Dance-oké)
Dance-oké is like karaoke but with dancing instead of singing. We have made video clips showing dance moves you can imitate. The choreography is by Wendy and Anita. Wendy’s choreography is based on Chinese dance techniques. Anita created a choreography based on being seated. It’s great fun and will even increase your agility!


Kijk maar uit, ik kom van zuid.

(Watch out, I’m from the South –of Rotterdam-)
“Kijk maar uit, ik kom van zuid” is a mobile production that drives straight through Rotterdam Charlois.
Get on the bus and listen to the personal and moving stories of the police officer, the shop owner, the neighbour crossing the road and the woman that always keeps her curtains drawn. Listen and experience the past and present life in Rotterdam Charlois.
Guided by tour operator and pearl of Southern Rotterdam: Chahrazad.


Kaat Zoontjes


From an early age Kaat has been fascinated by the role of women in society. This became apparent during her many travels as a student. “I saw as well as experienced how diverse women can be


in their approach to life, in the division of roles and their freedom. I’m discovering who I am by working with women of all ages and cultures. That is my inspiration, an endless source of knowledge, happiness, grief and hope that I want to translate into attractive and unique theatrical styles. Because I believe in a “silent” dialog between actors and their audience.

Originally Kaat is a visual artist. She joined the Rotterdams Wijktheater in 2000 and has participated in dozens of productions. She became the director of the Rotterdams Wijktheater’s women’s productions in 2009 when she took over from Annelies Spliethof. “Hooyo Ma’aan”, the first production with four extraordinary Somali women about female circumcision was very successful and got international press coverage. 

She founded “Women Connected” in 2012 and it has since grown to be a wide national and international network of women, theatre companies and organizations.

Are you curious? Send Kaat a message!

Inez Schatz

Assistant director

Inez is the eldest daughter of an Indonesian father and Dutch mother.  She believes that every generation has the possibility to do things a little better than the previous generation. 


“Every day I’m amazed at how many opportunities people have. However, the systems in which we live sometimes drag people down. That is why I would like to pass on the many opportunities that I myself have been given to improve myself. To help others recognize possibilities just like I have.”

As a project manager Inez has been involved in a large number of major productions, including the Bevrijdingsfestival Zuid Holland. She developed a talk show for the Pauluskerk in Rotterdam as well as a radio show for RTV Rijnmond, a television series for OPEN Rotterdam and theatre productions for De Parade and Special Arts. Also, she was one of the initiators of the Fenix Food Factory.

She joined the Rotterdams Wijktheater in 2011 and started working on Women Connected with Kaat Zoontjes in 2013. As assistant director she is the backbone of every production. Besides that she is responsible for developing project planning and rolling out new ideas and partnerships.

Would you like to connect with Inez? Send her an email!


Women Connected is growing and has enormous potential for the future. Rotterdam city for women!

Our mission ‘De Stille Heldinnen Dagen’
10.000 women, have something to tell, on stage in Rotterdam citywide in season 2024-2025.

You can help us realise this mission by making a financial contribution. Contact us to discuss the different possibilities.


Stichting Women Connected

p.a. Nieuwe Luxor Theater
Posthumalaan 1,
3072 AG Rotterdam

Rehearsals | Productions | Audience Services
Kaat Zoontjens: (+31) 644 984 031
Inez Schatz: (+31) 630 687 463

Organisation | Business Inquiries
Wing Tang: (+31) 624 870 322



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